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Analysts and Mathematicians Conferences in 2015

The greatest institutions will host the math conferences all around the world. All specialists, mathematicians, numerical analysts and computational scientists will be gathered together. Below you can find a list of conferences that would be worth to visit:

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✓     IMA International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners, Date 10 – 12 June 2015, Location University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

IMA describes it as: this is the first international conference of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). The subject will be how to have a great plan to teach and learn mathematics. Mathematics is not only one sense it should be interpreted in each possible way. Mathematics can include a pure mathematics, a number, statistics and the variety of purpose of mathematics. The conference measure from the basic to the advanced topics of mathematics. All aspects of learning and teaching during the life, helping people with dyscalculia and other maths learning difficulties.

✓     2nd IMA Conference on Mathematics in Finance, Date 18 – 19 June 2015Location University of Manchester

According to IMA the conference is going to gather all academics and practitioners interested in mathematical modelling in finance.

The researchers with a strong Mathematical element in their work have been invited.

Very wide range of topics has been included. Participants will be able to expose models, ideas and techniques not always known them all, and will encourage for future collaborations.

Through the years, the base of classical Mathematical Finance has been attacked.  Now, the real world cooperation needs to be taken into account, and all the techniques and models from other areas are essential for the Mathematics in Finance.

Please find useful links:

➢     www.ima.org.uk/conferences/conferences_calendar.cfm.html

➢     www.conference-service.com/conferences/analysis.html

There are so many benefits for visiting such a statistics conference. The most important is that during conference mathematicians working in the new trends of applications of math will bring together.

Image credit: https://www.math.hmc.edu/news/2010/