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Longitudial Data Analysis Service

Techniques in Longitudinal Data Analysis

Longitudinal data analysis employs long-term study and observation in order to assess the change of a variable over a given period of time. To conduct such analysis, repeated measurement of the variable is done consistently in order to effectively evaluate and analyze the changes the variable undergoes. To accomplish analysis of longitudinal data, techniques in exploratory sales data analysis may be employed in order to draw patterns of systematic variation in the data sets being analyzed. In addition, derived variable analysis may be done in order to create meaningful summary measures. Derived variable analysis employs quantitative methods for application. The most common method in applying derived variable analysis technique to longitudinal data is the average or slope analysis. In addition to this method, pre/post analysis may be similarly used in handling longitudinal data. Application of pre/post analysis techniques is appropriate for data sets with a single baseline and a single follow-up measurement. Quantitative regression methods may similarly be applied in order to thoroughly analyze longitudinal data.

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Financial Data Analysis and Other Applications of Longitudinal Analysis

Longitudinal study is applied in a great variety of fields. Previously, applications of analysis of longitudinal data was prevalent solely in the social sciences, particularly that of psychology and sociology. However, there has been an increase in the use of such data analysis methods in the sciences and in other fields. Biomedical sciences employ longitudinal analysis methods in studying changes of various biomedical components such as the adaptation of bacteria to a certain environment. Similarly, extensive use of longitudinal analysis is seen in clinical studies as various body functions are evaluated over time, taking into consideration the effect of new medicines for these clinical studies. In addition to these sciences, extensive use of longitudinal methods is seen in financial data analysis. Methods in longitudinal analysis can be used in for market research as well as in investigating stock market prices. Moreover, financial economics employs linear regression methods using the mindset of longitudinal research. Longitudinal study is similarly utilized in other fields such as in modeling and in analyzing taxes and in evaluating insurance issues.

Comprehensive Longitudinal Data Analysis Service

As the process of longitudinal data analysis entails significant time, effort and logistics, we are able to provide valuable consultancy services in order to optimize clients’ resources for effective longitudinal study. In addition, we are able to provide comprehensive services in analyzing longitudinal data and interpreting the results of such analysis. Moreover, we are able to apply exploratory survey data analysis to various longitudinal studies of clients in order to ensure maximizing of resources for the said studies. Our deliverables are provided to our clients in a timely manner and we take pride in our high satisfaction rate to all our clients.

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