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Quantitative Data Analysis Service

Importance of Quantitative Data Analysis

Data analysis is especially important in researches as it provides a means to handle data sets, regardless of size. Qualitative data analysis is important as such practice ensures that data is inspected, transformed, modeled and interpreted effectively. Through these interpretations, various hypotheses may be formulated or rejected. Quantitative data analysis is an important technique employed in evaluating data. Scientists, market researchers and data miners handle large sets of data. Despite this breadth of data, this would make no sense without proper quantitative analysis. It is therefore important to be able to effectively interpret data through quantitative means in order to successfully apply these interpretations. Results of such interpretation can be used to accept, modify or reject various hypotheses. In addition, results can be similarly used in implementing informed decisions as well as in policy making.

statistical data analysis schema

Techniques in Data Analysis in Quantitative Research

Through data analysis in quantitative research, the various methods are done:

  • Generating of models, establishment of theories as well as hypotheses
  • Development of adequate and appropriate equipment, instruments and methods in successfully measuring variables
  • Ability to control independent variables to see the effects on dependent variables
  • Effective collection of pertinent data
  • Interpreting, modeling and analysis of data.

While quantitative approaches are severely different from qualitative data analysis, various techniques in quantitative analysis are employed in analyzing qualitative data, resulting to quasi-quantitative data interpretation. The quantitative approach of analyzing data employs the use of statistical methods as well as other computational methods to successfully evaluate data. Statistics remains to be the most widely used method in analyzing data obtained from quantitative researches. Statistical methods are used extensively in the sciences, especially in biology, physics and economics. In order to successfully implement these statistical and mathematical methods, various software packages, as in R or paid software such as MATLAB, are used extensively. From these evaluations, the verification or rejection of an established hypothesis can be done. Similarly, establishment and formulation of new hypothesis to satisfy the obtained data interpretation can be done as well.

High Quality Quantitative Data Analysis Services

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