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Poisson Distribution Help

Raw data are figures waiting to be interpreted and it is through statistical analysis that information on the surface is revealed. Binomal Distribution is named after Simeon Denise Poisson, and as a discrete probability distribution it will identify the probability of a given set of events occurring in fixed intervals of time as well as distance, area, or volume. Before anybody dismisses this as just another esoteric use of mathematics, the Poisson Distribution is used to model any number of events in a specific time period such as the number of customers in line at a store, or trains arriving at a given platform at a specific time period. There is no fixed number of trials used but it is the designated time interval or even space where a number of successes have been noted.

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Poisson Probability Distribution Helps in Planning

Constructing models is one of the best uses for Poisson Distribution. Problems concerning frequency in a specific period or space can be addressed by this form of statistical investigation. Compound Poisson Distribution is a valuable tool in the insurance industry by helping determine aggregate claims and frequencies that may arise in a book of insurance policies. This is all upper-level mathematics, however. It requires the skills of somebody who is trained and has had experience dealing with these types of distribution. Those types of professionals are part of our working staff.

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Clients need expert data statistical analysis and opinion. Our people are able to do that because not only of their academic training, but also the number of times they’ve been called on to work with the data. What we offer our means of reducing the time cost of doing the calculations and reaching the results. As with all of our services, customer service is an essential feature. We know that not everybody understands statistics and we explain our conclusions in plain English that is easy for anyone to understand. Moreover, we answer any questions with courtesy and respect that is due. It is our desire to provide the best possible service.

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We work to provide our clients with information that can be used for making decisions for planning ahead. Accuracy and superior customer service are two qualities everyone can expect when they work with us. Poisson Distribution is necessary for any number of models and can definitely be of help to accompany.

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