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Primary and Secondary Market Research with Us

Because we understand the value of both primary and secondary market research, we decided to do both for our clients. Primary sources allows researchers to get as close as possible to original ideas, events and empirical research as possible. Such sources may include creative works, first hand or contemporary accounts of events, and publication of the results of the empirical observations or research. Secondary sources analyzes, reviews, summarizes information in primary resources or other secondary sources. Even sources presenting facts or descriptions about events are secondary unless they are based on direction participation or observation. Moreover, secondary sources often rely on other secondary sources.

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Primary and Secondary Market Research

A primary source of research is an original document containing first hand information about a topic. Different fields of study may use different types of primary sources. Secondary source contains commentary on or discussion about a primary source. The most important feature of secondary source is that they offer an interpretation of information gathered from primary sources. We will enlighten you on both primary and secondary market research and let you decide on which is best for you.

Sources of Secondary Market Research

Sources of secondary market research include but are not limited to biographies, dissertations, indexes, abstracts, bibliographies (used to locate a secondary source), journals, and monographs. Secondary data are available from both commercial and free sources. We gather all this and put it in our data base to make it easier for our client to access it. We have license to access several database that provide demographic, economic and lifestyle data, including consumer purchasing patterns. Once you sign and register as a user on website, you will access all this data for free.

Primary Secondary Market Research

Success in any business depends on a lot of things, some of which you cannot control; the worldwide economy, international trends, and pure luck. Others, however you can control: applying a healthy dose of business savvy, keeping an ear to the ground and good old fashioned research.

Primary secondary market research is the best way to go to solve this inequality and create balances in business. We will help you achieve this balance just simply contact us today!