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What are the Grants for Statistics Calculations in 2015

Statistical research is wide and you can find a high-level overview of interests. You want to make sense of data around you and know how and when to use all this techniques and formulas of statistics.  You have to remember that statistical research is worth doing for reaching personal goals and receiving grants. You can receive an opportunity for statistical research scholarship or thanks to statistical scholarships job offer you were waiting for.

statistical data analysis schema

Below you can find a list of possible grants you can get for statistics scholarship. All the information is coming from website as HORIZON 2020 , Wellcome Trust , ERC, ASA Fellowships and Grants , Medical Statistics Scholarship.

✓     HORIZON 2020 this is a research and innovation Europe Union program

✓     Wellcome Trust – this charitable foundation supports the minds of the humanities and social science and public engagement

✓     European Research Council (ERC) – thanks to ruthless funding it’s support research in Europe

✓     ASA/NSF Federal Statistics Fellowship Program – is supported by many science foundations

✓     ASA/NSF/BEA Research Program – as a target they want to develop collaboration between academic and government research

✓     ASA/NSF/Census Research Program – thanks to them academic researchers are closer to the data’s production.

✓     ASA/NSF/BLS Fellowship Program – they support work between academic and government research

✓     ASA & NCHS Research Fellowship Program – health research programs are together joined in a field of academic scholars and government work

✓     ASA/NASS Research Fellow & Associate Program – is helping to get fellows and assist with opportunities of research gain

✓     MSc Medical Statistics Scholarship Fund– this is a program for the students from the countries under special circumstances.

Image credit: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/2014/09/08/how-us-news-calculated-the-2015-best-colleges-rankings