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5 Typical Mistakes in NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis

When working with an NVivo analysis project its easy to make mistakes in terms of qualitative data analysis NVivo. Working to eliminate these mistakes might be more difficult than it seems. Keep a cool head. Getting frustrated isn’t going to help, so keep emotions in check while going over the project. Professional technicians are available for those who really need some serious help with the qualitative data analysis aspect of NVivo.

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Common Data Study Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes when using the software include:

1) Problems with spelling; while this might sound rather unusual the most common problems are with spelling. People will run a query and not even realize that a word was misspelled.

2) Strange elements provided in the auto code. Existing coding patterns might sometimes confuse the system, which leads to weird patterns when it comes time to make the automatic code.

3) Web page capture code can sometimes cause trouble, especially when people don’t import them correctly. Generally data has to be imported over as some form of PDF, since the software usually doesn’t like to work with raw HTML. The same thing goes for many types of XML data.

4) Importing data from Evernote can sometimes cause problems. Make sure that enough time is given to actually complete a qualitative research data analysis when bringing this kind of code over.

5) People also constantly make mistakes when bringing projects over. Exchange systems now allow NVivo 10 users to work on either the Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh platforms, but data is seldom worked on the same way on either platform. Make sure to make necessary changes after importing data.

Professionals Solve Problems

Those taking care of a NVivo qualitative research analysis might need some help, which is why professionals area always available for those who need some assistance. Those who have a half-finished or error-ridden project should feel free to send it over.

Be sure not to avoid these mistakes when analyzing quantitative data on SPSS and NVivo.

We’ll put one of our top teams on your qualitative data analysis NVivo to take care of the errors!