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A Guide on Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative analysis is a broad field of inquiry that uses unstructured data collection methods. Our agency is ready to assist you with tips on how to go about qualitative research. A guide on qualitative research methods will give you a one by one way to go about the whole thing without straining yourself or wasting time. Qualitative research, not well planned, can consume a lot of money and time.

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Qualitative research methods

For one to succeed in whatever qualitative research methods he is using, you got to first of all decide on the question you want to study. Once the question is decided upon, then you can confidently decide on the research method to use. To do qualitative research, your question should explore areas for why people do things or believe in things. A background literature review can help find out what others found about your question and from there,  you can proceed on what they didn’t find out about the same question.

Type of qualitative research methods

It is good to analyze the type of qualitative research methods available and then pick on the most suitable for your research. Depending on the question, some research methods won’t be good carrying out the research. Come to our agency and our professionals will take you through all the various type of qualitative research methods and then you will be able to decide which one you are comfortable with. They will educate you on the pros and cons of each method then you have the choice to pick. Each qualitative research method has its own pros and cons but some have more cons than pros so, choose wisely.

Quantitative and qualitative research methods

The choice between qualitative and quantitative research methods will depend on the type of research you wish to carry out. Quantitative is good when doing a research where you are trying to measure variables and verifying existing theories or hypothesis or questioning them. Qualitative methods come in handy when you wish to understand meanings, look at, describe and understand experiences, ideas, beliefs and values. So depending on what you are up to, we will advice you according which method to use.