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About Our Qualitative Research Design Service

Ours is a research firm that mainly handles qualitative research design services. Qualitative research is all about a systematic subjective approach used to describe life experiences and give them meaning. Its main goal is to gain insight, explore the depth, richness, and complexity inherent in the phenomenon. Our researchers have a vast knowledge of designs to use to achieve these results.

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Qualitative Research Design

Characteristic of qualitative research design is soft science, focus (complex and broad), holistic, subjective, dialectic (inductive reasoning), basic of knowing (meaning and discovery), develops theory, shared interpretation, communication and observation, basic elements of analysis (words) and its uniqueness.

Research Design Qualitative

Research design qualitative is good at answering the “how” and “what” (in contrast to the “whether” or “if” questions normally answered by the quantitative design method). An example of a research design qualitative is: How has the meaning and practice of informed consent in research changed over the last 40 years; How do children with speech, language and communication needs describe their quality of life?; what factors can help injecting drug users to seek and secure support?

Research Design for Qualitative Research

We have four major types of qualitative research; phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory and case study. The first approach to qualitative research is phenomenology. The fundamental question in phenomenology is; what are the meaning, structure and essence of the lived experience of this phenomenon by an individual or by many individuals. The researcher tries to gain access to individual “life worlds” which is the world of their experience; it is where there consciousness exists. Our researchers use in-depth interviews to conduct phenomenology research. This interviews brings out the qualitative research and answers the research question.

Qualitative Research Design

We use ethnography type of research design when we want to find out the discovery and description of the culture of a group of people. The fundamental question here is; what are the cultural characteristics of this group of people or of this cultural scene. Because ethnography originates in the discipline of anthropology, the concept of culture is of central importance. Culture is the system of shared beliefs, values, practices, languages, norms, rituals and material things that the group members use to understand their world. Under culture, it can be culture for a group of people or comparing culture of two different groups of people. It is upon the client to specify to us which one to concentrate on while carrying out his qualitative research design.

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