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Analysis of Variance Services

Statistical analysis goes down any number of pathways and provides all kinds of usable information for both business and academia. Some of these are very complex and others are no more than basic. Variance is the measurement of a spread of numbers and is of particular use in budget analysis between what has been planned for costs and what expenses have actually been incurred. Other uses of variance can be a little more sophisticated and analysis of variance services by a professional third-party can be very helpful.

statistical data analysis schema

Analysis Of Variance Anova Is Complex

The ANOVA form of variance analysis will look at data sets in both random and systematic factors to assess the impact of independent variables. Another form of analysis, one way analysis of variance, seeks to notice any important disparity between the means of more than one unrelated group. This can be done using SPSS software but the interpretation can be bewildering to somebody who does not have an understanding of this form of statistical inquiry. The challenges for the average person gets even greater as the forms of analysis become even more intricate.

Multivariate Analysis Of Variance Takes Things up Another Notch

The multivariate form of variance analysis will take a look at whether or not a number of independent variable levels will have an effect on dependent variables that meet certain requirements. Two way analysis of variance will take a look at mean differences of groups that have been divided on to independent factors. It should be obvious by now that all of these forms of statistical investigation requires increasingly more in-depth understanding of variance. Granted, much of the calculation can be done with SPSS software but when it comes down to interpretation a layman is at a serious disadvantage. At the same time variance analysis is needed for various forms of planning and this makes analysis of variance services very important. We can help with theory of probability.

We Have Professional Mathematicians

We employ people who are familiar with the nuances of variance analysis. Not only can they make the calculation process smoother, but they also have the communication skills necessary to explain the results to decision-makers. Combining qualities of expert mathematical acumen and superior customer service, our professionals can cut down on the time needed to do the analysis and provide meaningful results. It saves time and money both which are very important.

There is no reason to wander blindly through mounds of data. Statistical analysis of data is not easy but it can be done with the right people on the assignment.

We can furnish the skills and expertise necessary, and we invite you to contact us about how we can make analysis of variance anova easier for you!