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Company Data Analysis Service

Which Entity Can Undertake the Company Data Analysis Service?

The company data analysis service can be undertaken by a body that has a proper mandate to do that. The body acts like an audit firm to keep different companies in check for one reason or the other. One major reason could be if the company needs to secure services like a loan or even in the event where the company has gone bankrupt. The firm dealing with the economic data analysis might come in and deal with the data that is in the company.

statistical data analysis schema

Who Is Supposed to Give the Firm Mandate of Operation?

The firm gets its mandate basically from two sources, the government and the private sector. In case a company wants to acquire a loan from a financial institution, then the firm might be mandated to scrutinize the data of the company and give a report to indicate if the company is solvent or not. Upon an affirmative report then the financial institution can go ahead and offer the loan. Another scenario might be in the case where a company becomes insolvent. The same financial institution might mandate the firm to go in and do an audit of the data and other business data services, which will later result in decision making. The situation which brings in the government could be in a case where the government has some stake in the company. Another scenario is whereby the government wants to save its citizen from a possible fleecing by some foreigners. In order for the data collection and analysis company, in this case the firm wants to perform then it has to make sure that its composition entails the following personnel,

  • Data analysis experts.
  • Information technology experts.
  • Law enforcement agents in this case, the police.
  • Some law experts.
  • Some government representatives.

These people would be able to form a formidable side that will carry out its duties without fear or intimidation.

Will the Firm Be Permanent or Temporary?

It is only the authorities who can tell if the firm needs to be constituted on a temporary or a permanent basis. Keeping it on a permanent basis will necessitate paying salaries even if there is no job being done. While at the same time when need arises after having disbanded the firm, then a fresh job has to be done to constitute a new setup for the data analysis for business.

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