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Correct Statistics Cheat Sheet

Using a Statistics Cheat Sheet

statistics cheat sheet sampleA cheat sheet for statistics is actually just a reference tool. Important information such as certain formulas is consolidated in one place for easy reference. Anybody who has taken, or who is taking a statistics course knows how many different formulas there are and how long and complicated some of them may be. Having all the different formulas you need in one place is a common practice and many statistics professors will actually allow the use of a statistics formulas cheat sheet during examinations if you have written them yourself. Knowing how to apply the formulas and what each is used for is what is important, not actually memorizing the formula. Performing all the calculations is difficult enough as it is, and most professors are well aware of this. Don’t let the fact that cheat sheets are allowed make you overconfident.

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Advantages and Benefits of the Statistics Cheat Sheet

For the most students statistics class is difficult. Memorizing all the necessary formula doesn’t really teach you anything about statistics. If you are currently taking statistics this is something you know very well. Using the statistics cheat sheet or a business statistics cheat sheet helps in the following ways:

  • They serve as a learning tool. Many professors prefer you make your own cheat sheet as the writing out of the formula helps to instruct;
  • Consolidates information. Open books are often allowed, but when you are taking a test, finding the right formula in a 500 page book wastes time you don’t have;
  • Focus on the problem. Statistics uses some complicated formulas. Who wants to spend 15 minutes solving a problem, only to discover the formula wasn’t memorized correctly. If you are sure you don’t remember it correctly, why bother to proceed? Not having a perfect memory shouldn’t be held against you.

Although it might not always seem like it, most statistics professors like to see students succeed. For that matter, how often do you see professors write difficult formula without referencing a book or note themselves?

Our Statistics Cheat Sheet

The statistics cheat sheets we have put together, were written by college graduates in statistics. They have been where you are now, and know what to expect on exams at different levels. If you have found our statistics cheat sheet to be helpful to do my statistics homework, you may want to consider some of the other services we offer. Our statistics experts can help with any problem you may have. Benefits of using our service include the following:

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