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FAQs on Secondary Data Sources for Market Research

Our team of professionals is well equipped to answer any question you might be having on secondary data sources for market research. This is our web page for all the questions our clients have ever asked. If your question is not answered on this page, please feel free to shoot it to us.

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What is secondary market research?

This is data already collected and readily available from other sources. Getting this data is faster and cheaper than using the primary market research. It comes in handy when primary data is unavailable.

What are the advantages of doing secondary market research?

By doing secondary market research, one is in a position to safe on time and cash used to carry out a primary research. Through the secondary market research, we are able to know the deficiencies in the data and thus carry out a primary research. It also helps in improving to understand the problem at hand and with the secondary data; we are able to form a basis on to do comparison of data collected by the researcher in the primary research.

Does the secondary market research have any cons of its own?

At time the data provided by secondary sources are outdated. For example, data on population of a particular place carried 5 years ago, is not the exact data for the same place at present thus, at times you will end up with a wrong analysis because your base data is wrong. Its accuracy is also questionable.

Where can I find sources for secondary data?

Internet has revolutionalized sources for secondary data. Most of this data can be gotten from medical records on websites, government records online, libraries, e-books. This means that the secondary data is always a click away from you. Visit our website and use our online database.

I don’t understand the difference between secondary and primary market research.

The main difference between the two is the source of data. Secondary market research relies on data from studies conducted by government agencies and other organizations. It is readily available. While in primary market research, data has to be collected from the field, one has to carry out live interviews, group discussion or tape record information from the source, or visit the place to have a clue on what he/she is gathering information from.

Primary market research is time consuming while secondary market research is cheap and uses less time to achieve the results for analysis so if you’ll have any problems it’s better to ask professional help from our services!