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Our agency is well equipped to answer all those pressing questions you might be having about qualitative research. Our professional researchers are ready to help with qualitative research questions that you might be harboring. If your question is not answered on this page, feel free to contact our customer care service for an appropriate answer.

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  1. What are some of the methods used collect qualitative data?

You can use direct observation where you use video tape playback or through live observation a one way mirror. In a direct observation, you are collecting data by observation without influencing or participating in it in any way. Participant observation is another method where the researcher participate fully in whatever it is he is studying in order to validate it. This type is time consuming. Interviews can also be used to collect data. This is where unstructured questions are used to interview respondents without influencing in any way the answers they give out. The respondents are at will to answer the questions the best way they deem fit.


  1. How is data analyzed?

During analysis coding and statistics can be used. Narrative analysis where speech and content such as grammar, word usage, story themes, meaning of situations, the social, cultural and political context of the narrative is analyzed. Content analysis is another method used where text or series of texts are looked at and for themes and meanings by looking at frequencies of words.

  1. What is to be considered when writing a report?

When preparing the report on your qualitative research, keep in mind the audience for whom you are writing and also the formatting guidelines of the research journal you wish to submit your research to. The purpose of your study question is compelling and that you explain your research methodology and analysis in detail

  1. In qualitative research reports some comments are followed by many quotes from the groups while other comments have fewer quotes or none at all. Are the ones with more quotes more important?

Unless the author states otherwise, the number of quotes in a report has nothing to do with the relative importance of the discussion points. Some questions simply tend to generate more detailed discussion than others. Some very important issues generate only a series of head nods or frowns. Some fairly trivial issues can generate interesting and articulate comments. In most reports, the quotes are offered in the report merely to provide color and a more vivid illustration of the discussion point. The “meat” of the report is the discussion text rather than in the respondents’ verbatim.