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How Is Code Frame Used in Data Coding

Figuring out what a code frame does exactly confuses many people. Our expert shows how and why this vital matrix construct is used in modern data coding techniques.

statistical data analysis schema

Research studies require a single guiding conceptual scheme, and that’s where a coding frame comes into play. It’s a singular record of the codes and criteria that’s used to classify a dataset. This set usually comes in the form of a set of observations that someone needs to know more about. Definitions of concepts are often included along with the frame, which makes the processing of information much easier when it comes time to do the actual research bit.

How to Setup a Frame

Setting a code frame up shouldn’t be too difficult for those that understand the concept behind it. The frame matrix holds all of the definitions together of concepts and categories that are used to mediate raw data and translate it. Raw data should be collected from one of the following ways before being added in:

  • Interviews
  • Reports
  • Editorials
  • Field-notes
  • Open-ended questions

Once the data has been collected and organized, the frame will sort it into individual instances, examples and illustrations that essentially make up a storyline that sums up all of the data. This helps to provide an explanation of the phenomena in question. Coding schemes supply the names of concepts to the software, and they also provide the criteria that are used to identify them and sort them out. This criterion becomes the set of rules that are used to single out observations when looking at raw data.

When writing a coding frame, make sure to provide guidelines for how to label and interpret the research observations. Visualization is totally a key when setting it up. Codebook constructs illustrate how verbal and visual data get converted into numeric data.

All statistical data analysis has to be in the form of numbers in order to have the software analyze it. The codebook provides the link between verbal information and numeric data. Make sure to add plenty of comments that help to explain what the numeric data means at the end of the day. Remember that someone might have to look at a codebook project years from now and try to figure out what a developer was doing. They won’t have a clue if there wasn’t any documentation added.

Tips on Frame Initialization

code frame

Remember that a code frame is only supposed to refer to the range of various numeric codes that represent a single variable. For instance, someone might be doing a study about where people were born and divide up their locations by state. There should be 50 unique numbers that are each assigned to one specific US state, and there shouldn’t be anything else. The same codebook couldn’t possibly be used to define another variation, so other ones should be constructed to store other variables like the county and town someone was born in.

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