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How NVivo Coding Works

Individuals who find that they’re coding in NVivo research generally start with nodes. For instance, one could create a single node to start. As they explore their sources, including PDFs, documents, audio files, video clips, images or datasets, they can code each reference to the initial topic at that node. Nodes can be created before coding starts, or on the fly during the actual coding and programming process.

statistical data analysis schema

Writing Code at Existing Nodes

First off one should open a single NVivo data source in detail view. Once there they can select the content that needs to be coded. The content that’s select depends totally on the individual type of source one is working with.

The next step to coding in NVivo is to select the analyze tab in the coding group. It’s under code select at and then pick some existing nodes. Locate the nodes that need to be coded at and then select okay. It really is that easy.

Those who want to use drag and drop options to code at an existing node can select the content and then drag it to the individual node in the list view system. Those who are a little more experienced sometimes use keyboard shortcuts. The quick coding bar allows users to enter the node name independently, select nodes and then click on code to complete the process.

It’s usually best to turn on coding highlighting. Go to the view tab in the coding group. Select highlight and then chose a single option. Coding stripes might also work for this, and can also be selected in the same menu as the highlighter options can be.

Coding with Us

Individuals who need to have professional NVivo coding done can always get in touch with our organization. We’re ready to provide them with the kinds of statistical data analysis they need no matter what. That’s a great option for those who are currently working on a project and suddenly got stuck.

Simply send the code over and let us work our magic on it instead!