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How to Do Microarray Data Analysis

The study of genetics is never easy. The analysis requires being able to carefully review minute bits of data accurately. DNA microarray is also referred to as a biochip, and this is a collection of DNA spots that attached to a solid surface. The importance is for measurement of expression levels presented by a multitude of genes simultaneously.

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Microarray Data Analysis Software Can Help

One can easily imagine how difficult the analysis can be given the small size but large quantity of information. The amount of data to be analyzed is prodigious to put it mildly. The process can be painstaking and exhausting for anyone attempting to do it. Biomedical researchers have to take advantage of technology to better measure the gene expression. Fortunately for researchers, there is software available for a little bit easier analyzing data. It is still essential to have a good experiment design and draw sufficient samples for meaningful analysis. A common problem is time differentials. It can happen that individual researchers will examine the arrays at different times, or the separate researchers can produce batches that have differences in them. Even with microarray data analysis software available, the experiments must be performed under strict guidelines. The arrays that are being studied must be processed either under identical conditions, or the assignment samples to processing time is to be randomized.

Microarray Data Analysis Must Consider Quality

This type of analysis has to follow a set pattern, primarily because any change in one of the procedures can change the analysis results. Quality control is a must. Contamination can occur even from dust particles. Individual spots may have to be filtered to be sure that they are not providing incorrect information. Significant differential expression, aggregation, and normalization was also be a part of the data collection and interpretation.

Microarray Data Analysis Tutorials Are Good Tools

Biomedical research has to be aware of the proper steps in doing this type of analysis. The chance for contamination may require biochips to be removed from the sample, but it is important to know ahead of time how to discover and then extract out of the sample. The software itself can to analyze data but the data has to be without error. It truly is a “garbage in, garbage out “situation. This is where microarray data analysis tutorials can be a distinct advantage.

The training and orientation done ahead of time is going to help with quality control and proper collection of needed samples. Taking the time to go through tutorials will allow the researcher to have a better understanding of what to do in the real situation. That is extremely important from a cost point of view. Mistakes made in preparing the data samples can force the entire experiment go back to the drawing board. It is a cost in time and money that nobody really wants.

It should be assumed that the average biomedical researcher is intimately familiar with microarray data analysis. Offering tutorial sessions are extremely beneficial. There’s less chance of difficulties when the researcher knows how the analysis is supposed to be conducted. Tutorials provide that insight.

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