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How to Get an Award Using Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

Why Is Data Analysis in Qualitative Research So Difficult?

Qualitative data is data about how people think or feel about something and as such is often very difficult to analyze to get meaningful results for your research. Whether for academic or business like  use being able to analyze data quickly and efficiently is of great importance but with qualitative data it is very difficult. Quantitative data such as direct measurements and counts can be quickly analyzed through many different types of software and techniques so most methods of analyzing qualitative data rely on an additional step in the process to turn the data that you have into some form of quantities data that can then be processed.

statistical data analysis schema

How Do You Do Data Analysis in Qualitative Research?

This is the real problem that many researchers have to face; how do they convert qualitative data into something that their computers and software packages can handle. After all qualitative and quantitative data analysis is far more than just creating a simple bar chart that says what percentage of those spoken to mentioned a particular theme. We need to know if certain things are actually significant or whether they occurred through chance. We also need to know if certain factors work together to cause certain effects and so on. Something that will often take a lot of computing power to achieve and a huge amount of thought when looking at the methodology of qualitative research.

Data Analysis in Qualitative Research Is a Subject Area in Its Own Right

Because of the many difficulties associated in conducting data analysis in qualitative research it has very much become a subject for research in its own right. Being able to come up with a better or more effective methodology would have a major impact on how research is done in both academic fields and also for market research and other business applications. Because of this there are even awards for publishing work that advances methodology in qualitative research.

Gaining an Award for Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

Because data analysis solutions in qualitative research can be so difficult there is actually a book award available for anyone that can be shown to have advanced the field of qualitative analysis methods. You can view the requirements and submission process through the link here. In summary however they are looking for a book that is;

  • Written in English
  • Published between 2013 – 2015
  • Never submitted previously for the award
  • Books that advance methodological issues for qualitative inquiry

To be considered for this book award through the Qualitative Research SIG of the American Educational Association (AERA) you will need to submit;

  • An abstract that shows how the book significantly contributes to the field of qualitative methodology
  • A letter of nomination which outlines the purpose, quality and scope of the book. How the work contributes to the field of qualitative methodology and why it deserves the award
  • A summary of the book written by the nominator
  • Full table of contents for the book
  • A single chapter from the book that shows how the work contributes to this field

So if you have written a book that you feel contributes to data analysis in qualitative research methodology why not get it nominated for this prestigious award!