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How to use data mining and predictive analysis in your own research

data mining and predictive analysis

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Large Amounts of data are one of the results of e-commerce. Surveys placed on websites or send out an email blast have produced enormous amounts of information about consumer tastes and trends. It is safe to say that the amount of data is much larger than was ordinarily collected a few years ago. Data mining as well as exploratory data analysis tukey or regression analysis data is now a part of business research. Looking through the mountains of data provides information that can lead to more focused decisions. There is less of a chance of human error because statistics have replaced hunches. The decision-making is made even easier with the use of predictive analysis. This is the kind of research tool that can be very easily used by business to produce positive results.

statistical data analysis schema

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis Go Hand-In-Hand

Predictive analysis helps develop forecasting and predict what the future has in store. It is a instance where using the past helps determine the future. Data mining can produce large enough samples so that the analysis can have a very high level of reliability.

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