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How to Use Minitab Statistics in Data Coding

Those who want to analyze survey data that they’ve collected and then answer questions based on it should use Minitab statistics software. It’s the easy way to get this done. Surveys have many applications that include both public opinion polls and market research. Those who are looking into these tools should have a clear goal in mind before they get going in order to keep them on track.

statistical data analysis schema

Learning How to Use Minitab

Those who are first starting out with learning how to use Minitab or SAS codes should make sure that they could master the Power and Sample Size tools. These tools allow users to construct a survey around the right size to conduct reliable analysis studies. Naturally larger studies cost more to put together, and even free surveys will require an investiture of time so it’s best to avoid working with a huge study if at all avoidable.

Handpicking participants can introduce a bias into things, so the Minitab software has a built-in command that helps to eliminate this problem. Say for instance that someone wanted to survey 100 households in a community. Place a list of all the available households into Minitab. Then click on:

  • Calc
  • Random Data
  • Sample from Columns

This should select 100 individuals at random from the sample.

Pretend that a survey asked respondents to rank a product on a 9-point scale. Responses 8 and 9 should be viewed as positive, 7 through 4 should be seen as varying degrees of neutrality and the remainder should be negative. Click on:

  • Data
  • Code
  • Numeric to Text

This will give the option to assign each of these responses into the appropriate category. The Data menu additionally contains a variety of different tools that allow users to clean, sort and prepare raw data for ultimate statistical data analysis.

how to use minitab

Once all of the data has been gathered and prepared, a good step is to sum the data up by counting the responses. This can be accomplished using the frequency distribution tool. Those who want to use it should always pull it out when they need to know the:

  • number of missing values that come as a result of respondent errors
  • outliers
  • extreme values
  • central tendencies
  • variability
  • shape of distribution

This tool can be accessed by going to Stat, accessing the Tables command and heading over to Tally Individual Variables to bring it up.

Putting it All Together

Minitab statistics is a powerful tool, and using a frequency distribution can quickly reveal percentages and other basic things. While the program is quite strong, these basic study options will account for many of the things that people elect to do with it. Mastering these will provide a basis for all other types of studies in the future.

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