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How to Use NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

Individuals who have been using NVivo for qualitative data analysis might be as lost as newcomers when they come across the new NVivo 10 software. By making use of the basic ten-step system that the company that makes the software has outline things can be much easier. Those who used a previous version might find that the interface has changed, but the skills they learned previously are every bit as applicable today. That should help them out quite a bit.

statistical data analysis schema

Using the NVivo Platform

Taking care of qualitative data analysis projects can be broken down into a basic ten-step process:

1) Use the import system to bring in new documents and iterative data sets. This is the most important part to using NVivo for qualitative data analysis projects.

2) Explore the system and open up some interviews that came over as an aspect of the imported dataset.

3) Begin the coding process. Make a node for each individual reference that seems to be relevant to the analysis in question in some way.

4) Run a text search query to see what other aspects of the dataset talk about.

5) Gather up the query results in a node and review the material.

6) Reflect on what’s been gathered up in the nodes. Review the material in a single place.

7) Display a word tree. This should help to provide a visual qualitative data analysis, and can actually be used as part of a final presentation.

8) Record some insights into the project.

9) Collect the insights into a memo.

10) Put together a final presentation and potentially import things again.

Getting Professional Aid

Those who are tasked with using the NVivo software to carry out a statistical data analysis should feel free to get in touch with our organization. We can help them to perform a specific analysis or even clean up an existing project.

We’re open for both professional as well as commercial projects, should the need for our services arise!