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How We Perform Business Portfolio Analysis

Business Portfolio Analysis: Step One

The first step in performing a great business portfolio analysis is to understand exactly what a business portfolio analysis is. A business portfolio analysis comprises several different analyses as a means to help an organization plan more tactically for the future. For example, business risk analysis, business needs analysis, business SWOT analysis and business financial analysis all come together to create the optimal business portfolio analysis.

Business Portfolio Analysis: Step Two

The second step in performing a great business portfolio analysis is to categorize your products and services and the data pertaining to them so that the analysis can get underway as soon as possible. This may involve a business needs analysis and a business financial analysis. This step will be tailored to your specific company requirements to a greater degree than other steps.

Business Portfolio Analysis: Step Three

The third step in business portfolio analysis is to begin the business data processing surrounding the market trends and sales numbers of your organization’s products and services. This is where our business risk analysis professionals come in – they have been specially trained to run the numbers and track how things have changed, what has sold and what has not sold, and make sure that each product and service is tallied accurately.

Business Portfolio Analysis: Step Four

The fourth step in business portfolio analysis involves getting all the pieces together and breaking down what they mean. In order words, those in charge of business risk analysis will come together and say what they believe the risks are; those in charge of business needs analysis will lay out what your organization needs in the future.

Business Portfolio Analysis: Step Five

The fifth and final step in business portfolio analysis, after all the business data processing is done, is to decide what changes need to be made in terms of strategic planning. Business financial analysis will come in to play as you decide how funding various projects should be shifted, increased or eliminated altogether.

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