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Statistical analysis can require dealing with tens of thousands of pieces of individual data. This kind of work is mind-numbing for an individual and that’s a reason why statistical software packages are such wonderful aids to any project. Statistical software packages can perform any number of very complicated tests easily, allowing for easier analysis. MiniTab is a statistical software package that is involved with process improvement and is used by Six Sigma programs to identify problems that need correcting. Decisions reached with the conclusions can determine whether or not employees are downsized, and so a lot rests with the accuracy of Minitab. E-Views help is often needed to make sure the conclusions are correct.

statistical data analysis schema

MiniTab Analysis Can Be Made Easier and Provide Better Information

Preparing the data and running the analysis is not always easy for someone who is not familiar with the software. Our professionals have worked with MiniTab and have the training necessary to produce accurate results. Additionally, our staff has been trained in statistics and knows what to look for when preparing information for a computer run. This type of expertise reduces the time cost and also increases efficiency. Both are needed in process improvement efforts.

Our Minitab Help Reduces the Margin of Error

Human mistakes can happen when inputting information or setting up the run of the computer program. Because of the statistical background they have, our associates can spot a problem immediately and make necessary corrections. It means that the possibility of error brought on by a human mistake is drastically reduced. Once the program has been run, we also have the ability to take the results and translated into a very readable language. Decision-makers do not have to wonder about the text; it reads very well. We also encourage any questions and make ourselves available to give any explanations necessary.

The Competition Never Waits

Six Sigma was designed to help companies improve their performance and deal with a highly competitive marketplace. Errors are expensive and only people who are experienced with MiniTab and the methodology of statistical testing can assure high level of accuracy. We can give you that type of knowledge for your service. We can provide information that is needed and in a content that is highly understandable.

We welcome the opportunity to explain at length what we can do for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get our help!