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Multivariate Data Analysis Service

Application of Multivariate Data Analysis

The use of multivariate data analysis is seen in a variety of fields and topics. One of the main uses of multivariate statistics in data analysis is in creating capability-based design as well as in inverse designing, where any choice of variable can be utilized as an independent variable. Moreover, various analysis methods may utilize multivariate statistical methods. Quantitative analysis of data uses a set of probability distributions, which correspond to those distributions used in univariate analysis. To execute multivariate statistical analysis, various tools and software programs may be used. There are several free options such as Scipy for Python as well as R. Similarly, there are more powerful paid programs that can execute multivariate statistics in application for statistics. These programs are JMP, MATLAB and a variety of other tools.

statistical data analysis schema

Applied Multivariate Data Analysis Methods

Different models of applied multivariate data analysis employ varying techniques. The choice of the use of technique depends highly on the demands stated by the analysis as well as in the set of data needed to be analyzed. One of the most utilized techniques is the multivariate analysis of variance, which extends the concept of analysis of variance to cases wherein more than one dependent variable is analyzed at the same time. Regression analysis may as well be used with multivariate statistics basing on the form of the general linear model. Another model of multivariate analysis is factor analysis where a large set of variables can be reduced in order to facilitate easier data modelling. Factor analysis utilizes concepts established in the general linear model and the technique uses assumptions used in multiple regressions while taking into consideration multiple outcomes. These methods have a multitude of applications in a countless number of fields. Multivariate analysis is seen in market research as well as in quality control. One primary use of multivariate analysis is in optimizing processes and in controlling such processes. Indeed, multivariate statistics and analysis is an important tool in both research and development.

Services in Multivariate Data Analysis

Although the utility of multivariate analysis is seen in a variety of fields, the application of methods of multivariate statistics may be difficult to implement. As this is the case, we are providing high quality multivariate data analysis to clients from different fields. Moreover, we are able to provide valuable consultancy to ensure that proper methods of multivariate statistics are applied in handling and analyzing large data sets. As we are staffed with expert statisticians and qualitative data analysts, clients are assured of thorough data analysis as well as in-depth interpretation of data through multivariate analysis methods. Importantly, we are able to deliver timely analysis and reports to our clients, ensuring that their satisfaction is put at our highest priority.

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