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Observational Research Design

Observational Research Design Online Services with Us

Observational research design is provided as service online from our team always. This observational design is combination of the cross sectional, cohort and case-control studies. Mainly, this observational study involves obtaining data on people’s behavior within the natural ambiance and comparing the same with other reliable qualitative research methods. This study will uncover product or service perceived benefits successfully. Also, it will offer the people’s opinion on the product or service besides uncovering few of the valuable new product or service opportunities. This kind of longitudial research design is definitely not a small task and requires vast experience.

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Observational Research Methods Available with Us

Observational research methods are definitely worth using for the special research projects. Nowadays, product or service related research needs are satiated well through these research methods too. We can offer wide array of observational research designs and methods for the projects keeping in mind the exact purpose of the research. Some of the best methods offered currently with us are below:

  • Natural Vs. Contrived Setting: This design will enable conducting research within the natural setting in a way offer the real opinion of the customer within the real life. This will avoid some of the influences successfully over the natural opinions and provides a wise choice to collect the exact real data for the project.
  • Disguised Vs. Non-Disguised Observation: It is a best method to deploy, when the subjects shouldn’t know that they’re being observed. This kind of disguised observation will enable gathering data more naturally. Reactions of the people will be reflected naturally through this kind of observation.
  • Human Vs. Mechanical Observation: Human carried observation is pure self-explanatory and mechanical observation involves deployment of special types of machines for the observation needs. This data collected by the machines will require wise interpretation from the researchers. Latest technologies are enabling the best mechanical approaches for collecting the valuable data and same will be deployed in this method too.
  • Direct Vs. Indirect Observation: In fact, any direct observation will induce natural occurrences, but fail to obtain the results induced through the occurrences. So, this kind of situation will require indirect observation for the special exploratory research design.
  • Structured Vs. Non-Structured Observation: Structured observation is used while collected data can be categorized in a systematic manner. Non-structured observation is used while looking for the specific actions and facts. Both methods are useful for some special research needs too.

Learn what are observational research methods from us and use them for your research!