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Post Coding Data Analysis

Many people think that a complex analysis is a great way to impress people. Analyzing and interpreting the program data entered into software is certainly something that isn’t easy, so it could be called a complex process. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone should go out of their way to make the analysis complicated after they’re done coding all of the responses. Analysis is like a machine; it should be kept as easy to maintain as is totally possible. If you have any coding questions, try to find the answers as soon as possible.

statistical data analysis schema

Finishing the Coding

The coding data analysis procedure should actually start before the responses are even collected. Think about analysis as soon as the project begins. Start out with a real plan and then code in all of the responses before entering them. Make sure to clean it up, then run an analysis. Following this procedure over and over again will always return good results for those who do it correctly. It’s good to get into it the same way any habit or routine might be in data processing.

Once the pre coded questions are solverd and the post coding part of the project is finished, it comes time to reflect on what was done. Keep the following things in mind:

  • What did you learn from the analysis?
  • What kinds of conclusions could be drawn from them?
  • What recommendations can be made based on the results that were returned?
  • What sort of limitations were there to the analysis?

Quantitative data is always presented in a numerical format and gets collected in some sort of standardized manner, such as surveys or close-ended interviews. This makes coding this kind of data easy, since it usually asks the person to make a judgment call based on some kind of predetermined scale. Those who do things in some other fashion will end up having to hand code their data, but in any case the result will essentially be the same.

Once the coding is done, think of any themes that might emerge as a result of the data. Sometimes a new question comes out just as soon as the coding is done. While this sort of thing can’t be judged mathematically, it can open the door to new studies that may be of some assistance when going back and planning the project again from the beginning.

 A Few Tips About Coding Data Analysis

post coding

Individuals who are working with coding data analysis should pay special attention to how the coding might influence the analysis. At times the coding might come off as biased as a whole, or there might be some other kind of peculiarity that causes the coding to shift the way the analysis is looked at. While it’s hard to account for these things it could help in the long run, because looking at them might help to illustrate why certain spurious results came out of a particular study.

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