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Pre-Coded Questionnaire for Data Coding

Sometimes survey items will have response categories that can be identified and defined exhaustively by the use of pre coded questions. Even if they can’t be totally identified on a huge level they can often be nearly so, which is rather helpful. Coding questions and such involves using a specific coding frame, and this is what confuses some beginners when they first set out to do this. Specifying the frame takes a special set of skills.

statistical data analysis schema

Using Pre Coded Questions to Specify Frames

When working with a pre coded questionnaire, it’s important to remember that the coding frame should be specified around the existing set of possible answers. Each response category should be associated with a value label that’s somehow within the frame. These are typically numeric, but they’re not necessarily so. Sometimes a letter code is used. At certain times more sophisticated designs are put into play, but in any case the end result is generally the same.

The use of the term pre-coded questionnaire can often refer to a type of question that gets asked by interviewers in a way that’s open-ended. In reality, these questions have existing responses that interviewers are able to code each individual response to. This saves them from having to copy down the verbatim response that the person being asked gives. This process is generally unknown to the respondent, which makes using this class of pre coded questionnaire helpful insofar as it allows them to still give written responses.

Field coding refers to this process. Some people will actually record a response and then code it. The actual numeric matched response then goes to be used in the statistical study. Anthropologists or some other type of lingual academic discipline experts will then take a look at the verbatim copy to analyze it in a different way. This helps to better draw conclusions from a specific piece of coding quantitative data.

There are benefits to using these questions that are completely outside of field coding, however, in that they minimize bias. That being said, they’re still geared toward accepting the bias of whoever wrote the question in the first place, and there’s a chance that the respondent won’t actually understand the question or coded responses in the first place.

Other Coding and Matching Benefits

pre-coded questionnaire

There’s another reason, though. Using pre coded questions means that the data collected will easily fit into a mathematical analysis. While this might make it more likely that those doing the study can misinterpret the data in question, it also makes it more likely that the study will be carried out in an efficient manner. This is exceptionally important in cases where time is of the essence, and this is precisely why so many people use these studies in an academic environment. They’re an excellent way to keep some deadlines with your statistical data analysis.

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