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Professional Help With SurveyMonkey® Data Analysis

Creating a Survey with SurveyMonkey®

Surveys are still one of the most important market research tools available to small businesses who want to know more about their customers. Rather than relying on their gut instincts, business owners can create surveys to make more objective – ergo, better – decisions that will help to maintain their business and retain customer satisfaction. But a survey is pointless if we are unable to make some sense of the results. Survey results analysis is the important bit because it allows us to use the data to make our business more productive.  

SurveyMonkey Data Analysis
Naturally, surveys are not easy to create. They’re time-consuming endeavours, which is why SurveyMonkey® was created. SurveyMonkey® removes the need for handmade surveys, instead easily creating surveys for you free of charge, and with the excellent Survey Monkey data analysis service you’re in a prime position to comb through your results to find the information you need.

SurveyMonkey Analysis

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SurveyMonkey® is easy to use, comes with plenty of features, including the ability to attach your company logo to the survey, and you can even pay for more respondents to increase the amount of answers you receive on your survey.

But this is only half the story. Professional help with Survey Monkey data analysis is sometimes needed. After all, not all of us are fantastic at analytics, and knowing your results is as important as creating the survey in the first place – if not more so. Let’s have a look at the kind of analytics that SurveyMonkey® provides.

Helping You with SurveyMonkey® Analysis

SurveyMonkey® analysis can be carried out at any time. Whether you have collected all the answers you need, or whether you’re still waiting for more Survey Monkey results from respondents, you can visit the Analyze section of your survey to view your data.

SurveyMonkey® has made it easier for you to look at your Survey Monkey® results. In the Analyze section, you are presented with a summary of your data. From this platform you can delve deeper to gain more accurate insights into your Survey Monkey results by looking at individual responses, creating dynamic charts and exporting them, as well as filtering results, comparing results, and showing rules so as to be more specific with your SurveyMonkey® data analysis. Let’s have a quick look at what each of these last three mean:

Filter SurveyMonkey® Results

Filter SurveyMonkey DataWhen you filter results, you are filtering out the results you don’t want and focusing on the results based on criteria that you have defined. This allows you, for example, to focus your Survey Monkey analysis on results that have come in at a certain time.

Compare Survey Results Analysis

Compare SurveyMonkey DataComparing survey results analysis allows you to compare, for example, how males answered a specific question with how females answered it. It is an invaluable piece of survey results analysis because it allows you to focus on demographics.

Show Survey Results

Show SurveyMonkey ResultsShow rules is a feature of Survey Monkey data analysis that allows you to zone in on specific parts of your survey, thereby removing unnecessary information from your viewpoint and presenting a clear data set for analysis.

Know Your Results

All of these are rewarding features of SurveyMonkey®, and they open up huge possibilities for a small business to know more about their audience. Moreover, SurveyMonkey® also provides helpful resources for those who are just starting out with the software, such as Classic & New Analyze Comparison Guide that helps users familarise themselves with the Analyze pages. The whole point of Survey Monkey data analysis is for businesses to break down the results and seek out trends and patterns that will help to make their company more rewarding and profitable.

But Survey Monkey analysis can be time-consuming, and, moreover, no matter how easy the features may be to use, it is not always a given that all of us will be adept at making sense of the results and spotting the right trends and patterns.

This is why professional help with Survey Monkey data analysis is sometimes needed. Professional help with Survey Monkey data means that analyzing data is no longer a time-consuming burden for the business owner, and it guarantees that conducting a survey will not have been in vain. Creating a survey is one thing – knowing your results and using them productively is another thing altogether.

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