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Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS

Initially the acronym SPSS stood for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It was then altered to Statistical Product and Service Solutions. SPSS is a popular and very beneficial software tool for working with quantitative data analysis.

statistical data analysis schema

Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS

SPSS software is used in quantitative data analysis for a good number of things, including Descriptive Statistics such as cross-tabulation; Bivariate Statistics such as t-tests or ANOVA, Prediction Statistics such as those found in linear regression, and Group Statistics such as those found in factor or cluster analysis.  It is a comprehensive and very useful package that is also very user-friendly.

Why Researchers Opt for Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS

Researchers often opt for quantitative data analysis SPSS software to achieve a deeper understanding of the data that has been collected. In addition, SPSS quantitative analysis allows for many data management and statistical analysis tasks to be undertaken with ease that would be much more difficult to perform by hand. Quantitative data analysis with SPSS also allows for far more conclusive results than might be given without the software because it provides so many more options for computation, including the sometimes complex cross-tabulation.

Cost Prohibitive Quantitative Analysis SPSS

Quantitative data analysis with SPSS can be expensive. Because the cost is so prohibitive, using our service to take advantage of the software makes good sense. Our skilled analyzers are very familiar with the software and all it has to offer. When you are utilizing the use of quantitative data analysis with SPSS, you know you can be confident that you are getting the most out of the data that is being processed.

Quantitative data analysis with SPSS also gives you peace of mind in knowing the data has been manipulated and tested in as many ways as possible without the added time consumptions and room for human error hand testing would require.

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