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Qualitative vs Quantitative Data Analysis

In data analysis there are very many categories all of which are meant to allow you get the very best of results in something. The data analysis method employed in any specific area is determined by the data that has been captured. You will find that one area where analysis never fails is the quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is also very popular and used in numerous areas. When it comes to choosing between quantitative or qualitative data analysis, you will need to know the very many differences that the two methods come with.

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The Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

When it comes to quantitative vs qualitative data, you should first differentiate what each of the two terms mean. Quantitative means quantity. Everything that involves quantitative analysis means that it’s based on quantity or large numbers. Under normal circumstances quantitative data analysis requires that you take a large sample of around one thousand so as to have a representative sample. The quantitative analysis just tries to capture the overall picture of what the larger picture is all about. The qualitative data analysis on the other hand tries to explain a phenomenon. It dwells more on a specific issues rather than taking all the data. The sample size is much smaller than that of the quantitative data analysis.

The Qualitative vs Quantitative Data Analysis

The qualitative data analysis is used in very many instances. One good example where this technique is used is in questioners that are open end. This means that rather than asking a person to answer with a simple yes or no, you seek to know their reasons. The qualitative data vs quantitative data is very obvious in this as the quantitative way only seeks to know how many people will answer yes or no.

The Various Benefits of Both Methods

Quantitative data vs qualitative data cannot be used to compete or to help you know which one of the two is the best. The qualitative vs quantitative data analysis will solely be based on the fact that each of the two has its specific goal that it is supposed to achieve.

Learn about qualitative versus quantitative data methods and that will definitely help you with your research!