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Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Data analysis starts from the collection of data all the way to the presentation of the findings to the relevant audience. A good example is a marketing survey whereby you will have the task of evaluating whether a certain market trend is bound to benefit your industry or business or not. You will have to select a target sample that you think will give you the right outcome. You will at this stage calculate the median, the margin of error, the mean and so on. You will then take on to the actual taking of the sample after which you continue with the rest of data analysis procedures. But the results that you get are determined to a great extent by the data collection methods in quantitative research.

statistical data analysis schema

Quantitative data collection methods

There are numerous methods through which you can use to get the very best of results. Some of the methods of quantitative data analysis include the following.


Nominal quantitative data collection method is whereby categories exist. This is like when you use two unrelated subjects but they are related. In any method where categorizing yields well defined categories can be classified as nominal method.


This is one of the qualitative and quantitative data collection methods that researchers use very often. It is quite similar to nominal but the categories involved are related. The categories have a hierarchy that connects them. These data collection methods in quantitative research can be used in fields such as boxing where the different categories are independent but are related.


Of the methods of quantitative data analysis that you can employ in your work, this is one of the complicated options. It uses numbers and integers. Zero doesn’t have any special meaning in the data collection method that you use. A good example is like in the IQ test.


This is one of the quantitative methods of data collection in the data collection procedures for quantitative research that zero has a meaning. A good area where this ratio quantitative data collection method is used is in temperatures.

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