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Random-Effects Models for Longitudial Data

Understanding random-effects models for longitudinal data may not be as easy especially for novice researchers. This type of model, in statistics, assumes that the data that needs to be analyzed is composed of a hierarchy of various populations where in their differences are related to that particular hierarchy. In the field of econometrics, on the other hand, the random-effects model is used when the assumption is that there are no fixed effects.

statistical data analysis schema

Analyzing Random-Effects Models for Longitudinal Data

In research, gathering data is one thing while analyzing is another. Researchers understand the importance of gathering information through various means like longitudinal panel data to get a conclusion for the problem that they are working on. This means that they need to analyze the data that they have on hand using the right equations. This is a problem for some especially to those who don’t have the experience yet or to those who don’t have the time to do the analysis part on their own. Luckily, times are changing which means it is easier to find a data analysis service today compared to before.

Get Your Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data Analyzed by the Pros

If you need someone to analyze your data for you, you need to choose a longitudinal data system that you can rely on. In this case, you have us to assist you. We have been in this business for years now and we know how to deal with all kinds of data that our clients send to us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using random-effects models or another type of data gathering method because we are confident that our analysts will be able to handle them for you. We guarantee that the results you get are all accurate and presented in such a way where they can be easily understood.

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Research and analysis of longitudinal data can take time not to mention cost much but in the case of analyzing data, our rates are reasonable compared to others.

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