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Some Interesting Social Media Statistics

The social networks are not only popular because of their usage, but also to their business legends.

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If you need to increase your brand, you have to use all the most popular social networks. When you have a content that is unique and ready to share with others you must use a social media platforms as:

✓     Twitter – is used by everyone – from individuals to the massive companies.  You can share everything, have a conversation or contact directly with others – of course on a proper level. Also, you can post your content multiple times.

✓     Facebook- is used by everyone!  You can share everything – online content, create events or add ads.

✓     YouTube – is most used by brands that are on other social platforms, B2B networking, and bloggers!  You can share everything, but don’t forget that it is formal and professional.

✓     Instagram – is used mostly by luxury brands, food, lifestyle, fashion and personalities. You can share visual content, as well as short videos. Experts saying that on the Instagram all big brands have an opportunity to introduce their visual content to clients.

Please find social network statistics that can help you to understand all social network data.

Social networks are the fast growing businesses and their future will become even more influential on the world population. Based on below visual statistics, and according to business2community number of social users will grow. According to Forbes, amongst B2B users LinkedIn is getting more famous, the rate of Pinterest is getting higher and Google + is changing rapidly in a positive directions. Now we have to just wait to see all results.