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Testing Software for Business Pros and Cons

Some might lead you to believe that marketing is an art. But art is irrational, guided by instinct and not reason. Imagine if all marketing was guided by your instinct? Okay, you might get lucky once or twice. But long-term success? No chance.

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Marketing is a science. Data analysis is imperative for the long term success of any organisation. Being able to mine and accurately analyse the data is fundamental. No business can survive on the basis of a marketer skimming over a few blogs to determine what your customers are doing, what they will be doing, and where they’re coming from. This is why testing software for business is important. Let’s take a look at some of the best out there.

Google Analytics – Most Affordable Best Business Software

One of the best business software you can use to more accurately define your consumer base is Google Analytics. It’s free and allows you to tap into Google’s huge data pool.

But despite the fact that it’s free, and despite the fact that it has Google’s friendly and funky logo attached to it, it isn’t easy to use for the marketing novice who so far has stuck with blogs only.

Business software reviews will confirm that Google Analytics requires some major dedication before it truly reveals itself as a gold mine for your business. Still, it’s hugely efficient, tells you where people are connecting to your website, and the data is raw so that you need to interpret it yourself. That will be a pro or a con depending on your analytical skills.

Visual Website Optimizer  – Solid Testing Software for Big Business

Business software reviews have been giving noteworthy praise to Visual Website Optimizer. This is a piece of testing software for business that doesn’t exactly come cheap – $49 a month – but it does represent value for money as long as you use it right. The overall concept of Visual Website Optimizer is that you set up a goal, test it, and wait for the results.

Tests are easy to set up, with the menus easily navigable. It also comes with a plethora of features but sometimes the goals don’t work properly, so it’s a little inconsistent. Still, the overall conclusions is that it increases conversion rate and works as a better testing software for business who have at least 1,000 visitors a month.

Optimizely – Solid Testing Software for Big Business

Best business software for smaller businesses who are looking to get more bang for their buck includes Optimizely. In a sense, Optimizely is perfect for businesses who are taking the first tentative steps into testing software for business. This is because it’s simple, intuitive, and doesn’t cost very much. This doesn’t mean it lacks substance.

Rather, Optimizely is a very good piece of testing software for business that teaches you all about business data analysis, before giving the chance to upgrade to more features for more in-depth and rewarding analytics. If there is a con, it’s that constant updates begin to nag, and also that Optimizely requires a lot of hard work and dedication to get the best out of. Still, the fruits will eventually be bore.

KISSmetrics – Best Business Software for the Human Side of Data

Everyone has surely heard of KISSmetrics, with it popping up somewhere on most business software reviews. You may have heard that eye-catching name, but you might not yet know what it does. Well, it’s one of the best testing software for business that reveals the human side of all that confusing data. And after all, it’s the humans behind the numbers that retailers really want to know all about.

For this reason, KISSmetrics is very popular, but the major drawback is that it’s going cost you $150 a month to know your consumers a little better. If you can stomach those premium figures, KISSmetrics will probe deeper than any other testing software for business and reveal much more about the who and where behind the clicks. It’s pretty much the best business software for testing.

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