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The 9th IRWS and Data Analysis

Who Is the IRWS For?

The IRWS or International Research Workshop is for PhD students who are looking to learn more about the effective use of statistics and data gathering within their work. It seeks to bring together PhD students from many different subjects and locations to discuss how they can better apply statistics within their papers as well as giving them an opportunity to meet many different experts. This will benefit PhD students who are studying within any field who are going to be using statistics within their papers. Being able to gather data for your research and interpret the data that you gather in a sound manner is a vital part of your research and these workshops aim is very much about ensuring that you have the skills to achieve this better. By attending the IRWS.

statistical data analysis schema

Where Will the 9th IRWS Be Held?

The 9th IRWS will be held from the 27th of September to the 2nd of October 2015  at the Akademie Sankelmark and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) within their department of border region studies. This will be the 9th annual workshop and the organizers all hope that it will build on the successes of the previous workshops that they have organized. At the time of writing there is no official programme published but you can get additional information through their website. It is expected that a program will be available from March of 2015.

What Will the IRWS Cover?

The International Research Workshop aims to provide support and help through the provision of a series of different workshops that you will be able to attend during the time of the workshop. These workshops cover a number of areas but will typically cover;

  • Learning how to gather data through the use of different styles of interviews and surveys
  • Analyzing standardized data from your surveys
  • Qualitative data analysis and statistical analysis tools for computer based analysis
  • How to write your reports and provide presentations
  • Growing up with quantitative risk analysis

These areas are covered with a program of different courses from which you can select depending on your specific needs and interests. During 2014 these courses covered everything from “Network analysis” to “Quantitative data analysis with R”. In addition to actual presentations and workshops there is also the opportunity to attend a question and answer session with the various experts that are presenting at the workshop.

What Does the IRWS Cost and Cover?

The cost of attendance at the IRWS is not a prohibitive amount when compared to what you stand to learn through the various workshops that you will be able to attend and the experts and other students that you will be able to meet. The cost is likely to be very similar to 2014 when the total cost was 399 Euros which included your attendance, accommodation and also all of the meals. If you do not require accommodation then a reduced rate of 249 euros will be applied which still covers all of your meals during the IRWS workshop.

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