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The Greatest Statistic Fail in 2014

Not very rare, statistics lie because they are based on out-of-date and questionable figures. People show false statistics that can cause lots of harms. One of the biggest statistics lie, according to The Time was that in a news “48 women were raped every hour in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).” Unfortunately, this is a shocking example of erroneous publication of opinions among social network statistics. Inclines us to reflect on what kind of information has been wrongly given in a statistical way.

statistical data analysis schema

We all know that businesses and governments based strategy and policy on the statistics, what is happening when they are false? Here’re a few false statistics:

➢     “The size of India’s middle class is 300 million people.” – It is not a truth because the size of India’s middle class was 50 million in 2005, so looking at the McKinsey’s   report won’t be 250 million by 2015.

➢     “The 1998-2002 war in the DRC cost 5.4 million lives, more than any conflict since World War II. “ It is a lie as well. As the IRC confirmed actual toll was spread of between 3 million and 7.6 million. Of course, we can read that the total number of dead was 1-2 million, but it was also because of the conflict and the decline in living conditions.

We have to remember that the best way to believe statistics is to become part of it.

Image credit: http://bitesizebio.com/11261/how-to-deal-with-a-failed-experiment/