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The What’s, Why’s and How’s of Quantitative Data Collection Infographic

Are you familiar with the most used data collection methods? This aspect proves to be one of the most essential aspects in any research. Check out this post and learn. Also we offer you to explore data collection strategies.

The Whats Whys and Hows of Quantitative Data Collection

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Data Collection Methods

  • Document analysis
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Case studies

Now, what are the samples of quantitative data collection method? Although the following list doesn’t include all examples of quantitative data collection process you need, it is a good way to start with research.

  • Test scores
  • Frequency of a specific condition
  • Number of percentages with certain characteristics in a population
  • Survey results
statistical data analysis schema

If you were asking, what can affect the choice of data collection method, the following is for you. Check out what factors can help you in considering what method of collecting data you may want to use.

  • Credibility of findings
  • Cost
  • Staff skills
  • Time constraints

And how do you start with quantitative data collection?

  • Research questions
  • Literature review
  • Conceptual framework
  • Specific questions in the research
  • Data level questions

The Process

  • You have to understand your objectives.
  • You should start defining your key terms.
  • You can write questions.
  • Start looking for similar studies and get started in reviewing them.
  • You have to choose the right format.
  • You should start piloting your instruments.

Definitely, choosing the right method as well as getting started and finishing the entire process of data collection isn’t a joke but something to consider closely. Remember all these tips so that you can start in gathering your sources as well as analyzing your results, among other things you have to do with your data collection. If you need more help, do not think twice reviewing the tips presented above.

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