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Thorough Review of Big Data Analysis CSC Company

Why Do Businesses Need Data Analysis Solutions?

Knowledge as they say is power and nowhere is this truer than in the business world. Being able to analyze exactly what your customers want and how your businesses work is vital if you want your business to be able to grow and remain profitable. This is why so many businesses will invest heavily in software and hardware to enable them to get the very best accurate information and analysis. Businesses want the best possible analysis of quantitative data that they gather and that means that they want the very best most efficient software to ensure that they can stay way ahead of their competition. For the new applicants International Research Workshop an help to learn more about the effective use of statistics and data gathering within their work. One of the leading providers of software and hardware in this area as well as data analysis as a service is the CSC company or Computer Sciences Corporation.

statistical data analysis schema

Who Are the CSC Company?

CSC company is the only major software provider in the US that is not specifically owned or tied to any other hardware provider. The company was originally formed in 1959 and has grown into a huge operation now employing over 90,000 people across 70 countries around the world. By 1963 the CSC company was already the largest software company in the whole of the US and does most of its business with the US government and local government as well as well known institutions such as NASA. Since 1995 CSC has been a fortune 500 company and is head quartered in Virginia. CSC had a revenue in excess of $13 billion for the twelve months up to July of 2014.

While a full third of its business is with the US federal government the company does business with different sectors from aerospace and automotive through to financial services and healthcare. They provide everything from staffing services and computer repair to systems integration and credit reporting. They provide a very wide range of services to a huge number of customers in many different industries around the world. However to maintain their market share and to continue to grow they have to ensure that they keep up with all of the advances and changes that are happening within the different industries that they service.

Growth of CSC Company

The CSC company has typically grown through the acquisition of other companies allowing it to not only grow in size but also add to the services and technologies that it offers. In a highly competitive industry it is vital to always be on the hunt for disruptive technologies and ideas to make use of them before your competition does which is why the company is aggressive in seeking out new ideas. This was behind the 2013 take over of the open source big data company known as Infochimps. By leveraging the abilities of companies such as Infochimps CSC company hope to better make use of things such as cloud computing and open source software so that they can better service all of the very fast moving and fast changing businesses that are out there. With so many different people, institutions and companies out there constantly making advances in computing it is vital that a company such as CSC is always in the forefront of these changes.

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