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Tips and Tricks for Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

Individuals trying to work on a NVivo qualitative analysis with NVivo have several different options available to them. Broad-brush options are probably the most basic. NVivo queries can automatically code sources that are based on words and phrases. This can be a useful starting point when it comes to data review. This coding option is based around the Word Frequency and Text Search systems.

statistical data analysis schema

Coding and Analysis Options

Quick code uses some nicknames for common nodes. Select the content that needs to be code and enter or select a nickname. It’s genuinely that easy. In most cases this is combined with manual coding or list view drag and drop. Specific content can be selected and then dropped straight into the list view.

There’s a good trick plenty of pros use, though. It’s possible to undertake manual coding while working in a node. In addition, applied paragraph styles that are used consistently throughout a project can be used to produce automatic code. Tightly structured paragraphs are also a great way to make automatic code, though the code might need to be edited slightly at the end of the day in either case.

One of the topic nominally secret tricks involves audio and video transcripts. Those who have added a custom speaker column to a transcript can have the NVivo software create a node for each individual speaker. It can then code the content at the respective individual node level.

Coding stripes are really useful too. They’re colored bars that illustrate nodes containing specific content, what users coded the content in question and what kind of attributes are present. Nodes that are most recently edited will pop straight up.

Tricks From the Pros

Our professional qualitative analysis technicians know all of the great NVivo tricks and may give you all needed advices in quantitative data analysis with SPSS as well, and they’re ready to work on your behalf. No job is too big or too small, so anyone who needs this kind of treatment can make a request right on our front page.

All of our tricks work for both professional and academic qualitative analysis NVivo!