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Tips for Inferential Statistical Analysis

inferential statistical analysis

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It would be nice to be able to get information from entire population. Business would be interested because it would give a complete picture of what consumers are looking for, and what existing customers want to have in service. It isn’t always possible to capture the entire statistical universe. It is why inferential statistical analysis is used. Samples are drawn from the population and generalizations can be made. It is important for a researcher to realize when inferential statistical analysis is most effective.

statistical data analysis schema

Inferential Analysis Definition

The name suggests the value of inferential analysis. In using samples of the population you are inferring certain generalizations based on the analysis of the statistics. Anyone who uses inferential analysis must understand that the data is not 100% accurate. In fact, the biggest challenge of inferential statistics is to find a sample that as closely as possible resembles the main population. A researcher has to remember that any conclusions drawn from inferential statistical analysis are not rock solid definitive. If you say that inferential analysis is an educated guess based on numbers, you would be correct.

The Value of Inferential Statistical Analysis

This is an analytical process that can be very efficient. A clear value of inferential statistical analysis is getting some idea of the general population when accessing complete data is impossible or impractical. That is, in fact, the best use of inferential statistics. Social research will use inferential statistics from the General Linear Model. The model includes Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), regression analysis, factor analysis, and other tools in order to help discern the probability of certain behaviors or conditions.

The conclusions can be verified to give a greater degree of certitude. Inferential statistical analysis include test of significance to better understand the probability of conclusions being representative of the entire population. Business will use inferential data analysis to better understand what demographic groups wish to purchase, and how they would respond to certain types of services provided. While samples have to be drawn carefully to be truly representative inferential statistics saves time. It is much easier to draw a sample than survey the entire population.

Inferential Data Analysis in Public Policy

Public policy can be affected by inferential data analysis in comparison with exploratory data analysis tukey or descriptive statistical analysis. This is particularly true in the area of public health. Degenerative disease cannot be fully investigated by other methodologies such as laboratory investigation. Inferential statistics has been used, to evaluate certain procedures. Inferential data analysis is also been used in psychology and education to help define and develop provision of public service to the general public. This is a situation where samples drawn from the general population are more cost-effective both in time and money than trying to capture the statistical universe.

Researcher needs to apply inferential data analysis in those situations where probability or generalization is sufficient. Many software programs such as SPSS rely on inferential statistics, and a large sample can be very easily processed and dissected. One important thing about using this type of analysis is that a sample has to be easily drawn. In fact, the analysis can be made even more thorough if several samples are able to be used for inspection.

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