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Tips on Spotting Plagiarism

The plagiarism problem is a very frequent phenomenon in our world. Sometimes it is not just a problem of stolen data or bad service, it also happens because of a mistake. Therefore, it is important to watch out when we have to deal with more work to write. Unfortunately, the consequences can be very annoying. As one of internet portal says and as we can confirm the most known consequences could include monetary fines, loss of property, loss of freedom, or loss of employment. It is happening in the situation when people are trying to get profits or distribute a staff that they have no rights. As well as, in some countries, if the copyright owner will claim and take the guilty party to court you can expect the penalty of criminal and civil punishment.

statistical data analysis schema

Here you can find a few tips how to spot plagiarism.

You can:

  • checking in online programs
  • searching for such data online
  • look for suspicious writing
  • compare with others documents
  • Google a sentence from the paper

Very handy would be:



a website MyDropBox

When the customer finds statistics plagiarism that should address the service, which provide him/her with a bad work. That service should fix all errors in statistical predictive models and apologize for any inconvenience.

Image credit: http://secure360.org/2014/09/the-life-of-stolen-data/