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Tips on Using QDA Miner

First time users will find data miner software to be unusually temperamental, and it can be admittedly rather complicated. There’s no way around that fact, but there are a few tips that can make things easier on those who might not be familiar with some of the inter workings of this kind of thing. These tips should help users to master the class of software that they might be stuck working with depending on their academic requirements.

statistical data analysis schema

Creating and Using QDA Miner

Individuals who are truly just starting out in the field of QDA miner programming should make sure that they’re already familiar with the documentation. It might not always be the most riveting information, but the documentation was put together for a reason. Once they’ve read it the next steps are as follows:

  1. When looking at the “create a new project” box, pay attention to the “Import from an existing data file” function. It’s probably the one that’s the most useful. Spreadsheet documents from Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel easily import into the program, and statistical data from SPSS can as well.
  2. While the “Create a project from a list of documents/images” function can be useful, it’s never a good idea to use it when there are a large number of cases that each makes a brief comment or two.
  3. Before carrying out any processing of data, examine it in the original format to identify long individual responses and eliminate unusual characters in the text. Data might be truncated otherwise, which would be seriously problematic with long respondent-written text.
  4. Keep variable labels short. Around 30 characters or less is usually a good limitation, since the software doesn’t work too well with large numbers of letters or numbers inside of variable name labels.
  5. Keep in mind that the QDA Miner software can actually distinguish between different types of socio-demographic variables and texts for analysis. This will be based on the number of characters stored in data cells.
  6. Use keyword retrieval whenever possible. Anyone who goes through and tries to find keywords manually will often forget about one and this will cause problems. The software exists for a reason, and provides functions that let things get found quite quickly. Keep this in mind when editing data lists.

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An Extra Data Miner Tip

qda miner

Don’t forget that the data miner software provides users with a Thesaurus Editor and a Category Editor for a reason. The program generally suggests four initial categories, which are for illustrative purposes. It’s not hard to delete, add or insert additional ones that can be defined in any way. This is an excellent way to deal with statistical data analysis that has large numbers of variables that can easily be confused with one another.

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