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We Help with All Qualitative Research Design Types

Our main work is to help you with all qualitative research design types. Due to the experience gained over the years, nothing qualitative that comes our way is a problem. We can tackle all qualitative types with ease. Let your search for qualitative research design types start and end with us. You will automatically reap the fruits of putting your trust in us. You will get quality results.

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Qualitative Research Design Types

When we use direct observation, video tapes playbacks can be used or live observation through a one way mirror. In direct observation, you are making specific observations of a situation without influencing or participating in any way. In participant observation, our researchers are forced to immerse themselves in the community or situation being studied. This form of data collection tends to be time consuming as you need to participate fully in the community in order to know whether your observations are valid for the qualitative research design. When interviews are used, the respondents answer to questions freely. Our interviewers can probe and explore topics as they come. Surveys on ideas, perceptions and thoughts can also mould a qualitative research design. Focus groups, which involve more than one person at any given time, can be an effective way of coming up with a research design too. You have the options, get your pick.

Types of Qualitative Research Design

In our data bank, we have all the types of qualitative research designs: basic interpretive qualitative study; phenomenological study; grounded theory study; case studies; ethnological study; narrative analysis; critical qualitative research; postmodern research. The choice solely lies on the client. Whichever method you choose to use also entirely depends on the burning question you want answered. If you choose the wrong qualitative research design, you will end up with the wrong analysis and the final report won’t be of use because you will not have achieved your aim. Our consultation service is open to everyone.

You can consult us before picking on the type of research design to use. Compared to the benefit, our charges are negligible!