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Descriptive Qualitative Research Design

qualitative descriptive research design helpWe do descriptive qualitative research design. In most cases, we decide when to do the descriptive research instead of letting our clients decide for us. This type of research refers to the type of research question, design and data analysis that will be applied to a given topic. Descriptive statistics tells what is, while inferential statistics try to determine causes and effects. Our researchers are in a good position to know the best way forward.

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Descriptive Qualitative Research

qualitative descriptive study infoThe type of question asked by the research will determine the type of approach necessary to complete an accurate assessment of the topic at hand. Descriptive research primarily concerned with finding out “what is” might be applied investigative questions. Questions like; what is the best way to introduce computers to schools? Such a question can be best researched using descriptive qualitative research.

Qualitative Descriptive Design

study qualitative descriptiveAlthough survey research can yield data that are compared and analyzed at a more complicated level, the simplest use to which survey data can be put is a description of how the total sample has distributed itself on the response alternatives for a single questionnaire item, sometimes referred to as marginal tabulations. Qualitative descriptive design in most cases provides important leads in identifying needed tactics and changes within the instructional design. Because of the various data analysis techniques applied to survey research, we can not fully assume that all surveys are descriptive in nature.

Qualitative Descriptive Study

Although descriptive study is important, most educational studies involve questions about causes. It is possible to isolate variables that will explain those causes, so descriptive research can play an important role in providing information from another perspective. By gathering descriptions of “what is” and comparing them with “what we would like”, educators are in a position to see the areas they need to address. Descriptive can also provide information that can help to isolate the variables that will eventually be used to measure cause and effect, and at least can help provide surrounding information that will aid logical interpretations of research questions within the context of specific situation.

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