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Qualitative Research Analysis Service

Finding the correct research analysis for your study is dependent on the research design you choose. The process of choosing a research design can be overwhelming. When we do the choosing for you, the end results is a qualitative research analysis that brings out the desired results.

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Qualitative Research Analysis

We will help you to complete your analysis from A to Z and will stay with you through the entire process, after the analysis is completed and through your research submittal process. We will work with you, your organization, or research team until the proposal or final document is complete and ready for submission. We use international qualitative software to aid in the analysis and help ensure reliability of the study; however, this is not required and can be dependant on research design of the study. In order to provide you with the appropriate services, we will conduct an in-depth consultation with you to explore your objectives and methods and identify your precise needs. We are professionals at our work.

Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

We use NVivo8® qualitative analysis software from QRS international, helping to ensure reliability of your study. NVivo8® is used to store, organize and represent qualitative data. For most qualitative designs NVivo can be used during the analysis process to code the text or other elements of data sources (e.g. interviews transcribed texts, archival documentation, video or photo formats. It has never given us the wrong analysis. It is 110% perfect and gives satisfying analysis to our clients.

Qualitative Research Data Analysis

The simplest analysis of qualitative data is observer impression. Expert or bystander observers examine the data interpret it via forming an impression and report their impression in a structured and sometimes (quasi) – quantitative form. This attempt to give structure to mere observation is referred to as “coding” and forms an important step beyond the mere observation.

Data Analysis Qualitative Research

Other methods of analysis data in qualitative are: typology which involves creation of a system of classification, list of (mutually exclusive) categories; taxonomy which is essentially a typology with multiple levels of concepts; grounded theory (constant comparison) which involves coding of documents, categories saturate when no new codes are added to them, core/axial categories emerge;  induction; Matrix/logical analysis; quasi statistics; event analysis; metaphorical; domain; hermeneutical; discourse; semiotics; phenomenological; narratology. You are at liberty to select the best method for self.

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