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What is the Easiest Software to Make Calculations In

To do statistical analysis, you need to use the appropriate software. It has to be special software for managing data and calculating a wide variety of statistics scholarship.

statistical data analysis schema

The best choice will be one of the software listed below:

➢     SPSS

➢     Stata

➢     SAS

➢     R

➢     Statistica

➢     Minitab

➢     Excel

Here is a description of the most common software for statistics calculations and links to tutorials on how to use this software.

✓      SPSS Statistics – as you can read on the website  is software used for statistical analysis. The official name for the versions is IBM SPSS Statistics. Similar products are used for the creation of programs and databases for computer applications such as computer-assisted learning or multimedia products.

The software name stands for Statistical Package (spss data) for the Social Sciences. The original market for the software was different but now it is used as well in the fields as the health sciences and marketing.

Tutorial for SPSS

✓     Microtab -according to www.microtab.com – Microtabs is software that no command a specific language, so it is easy to use as well a powerful tool for editing and cleaning market research data. It is a Windows software package.

   Tutorial for Microtab

✓     R – is a software used for data and statistical analysis. As well, you can use R for data visualization and predictive modelling. R statistical package has lots of different aspects. All information is coming from one website and I you want to learn more about R statistical package here.

Tutorial for R

✓     Stata Data Analysis www.stata.com provides you with all necessary information about this program as well explain exactly why Stata is a great software package that help you with your all data analysis.

Tutorial for Stata